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Twitter #JAN25 #Egypt #Cairo #Tahrir

February 4, 2011

Abba Seraphim Coptic bishop:I’ve already expressed my view that I believe the present government has lost its moral authority #JAN25#Egypt

OUR REVOLUTION: The first real 21st century revolution. #JAN25#Egypt #Cairo #Tahrir

The people want to dismantle the regime #JAN25 #Egypt #Cairo#Tahrir

مكنتش ديه ضربة جوية يا عم اللى هتزلنا بيها #JAN25 #Egypt #Cairo #tahrir

Rumors in #Cairo #Mubarak thugs getting into hotels like the Ramses Hilton 1 of the closest 2 #Tahrir hunting out #journalists #Egypt #Jan25

RT @BBCWorld Five EU nations – Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – urge immediate political transition in #Egypt to end violence

Paulo Coelho said–Sick Mubarak: u knew beforehand that innocent and peaceful people would be hurt today. Ur criminal plan is working. Shame on you

Pro-Mubarak thugs everywhere have same talking points, same signs, same hostility to journalists. An organized crackdown.

Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist” takes place in Egypt. I’ve been there 3 times, AND I talked to people. Tahrir Square is not a surprise

CNN: Yasser El Shimi, Egyptian diplomat, resigns his job at the Egyptian embassy in Washington in support of the protests. #Jan25#Egypt

“He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” – Benjamin Franklin #JAN25 #Egypt#Cairo

Egyptian friend in Cairo writes: “The dictator is sacrificing the people and country for his own dignity. Save Egypt. Save the Egyptians.”

I don’t think horses and camels were a spontaneous emotional pro-Mubarak move … !! Let’s think! #JAN25#Egypt #Cairo

مش عارف أنا حاسس أن المصرى سيختبر الديموقراطية و هو يشارك فى الأنتخابات الكندية بعد ما يكون خد الجنسية #JAN25 #Tahrir #Egypt #Cairo

بلال فضل للعاشرة مساء: يجب التعامل مع دماء الشهداء باحترام.. “دول مش خرفان وماتوا”.. وهناك مذبحة ترتب لهؤلاء الشباب مع ساعات الفجر

The Mubaraks – Egypt’s most hated family – have wealth in excess of $40 billions Canadian #jan25 #Egypt

TRUSTED SOURCE IN CAIRO RT @TravellerW: Pro-Mubarak thugs are police. This is POLICE MASSACRING CIVILIANS, make no mistake. #Egypt #Jan25

A president does not own a country but serves citizens of a country.He must thus execute the will of it’s citizens. #Egypt


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